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Khamis, 22 April 2010

Serangga hidup dalam manusia?

Botfly - Serangga yang hidup dalam manusia..
Salah satu mangsa Botfly

Adult Botfly

Extracted human botfly larva. The arrow points to the larva's mouthparts.

The botfly is a insect that better known for it's larvae than as a bug. Amongst the 150 or so different species of Botfly there is one that can make a home in humans

The botfly is spread mostly through mosquitos but occasionaly they can be airborne on their own, like what happened in the last photo. Don't worry too much, these things are mostly found in sub-tropical environments like South & Central American countries.


Recently, physicians have discovered that venom extractor syringes can remove larvae with ease at any stage of growth. As these devices are a common component of first-aid kits to deal with snakebites, this is an effective and easily accessible solution.

A larva has been successfully removed by first applying several coats of nail polish to the area of the larva's entrance, weakening it by partial asphyxiation.
Covering the location with adhesive tape would also result partial asphixiation and weakening of the larva, but is not recommended because the larva's breathing tube is fragile and would be broken during the removal of the tape, leaving most of the larva behind.

Petroleum jelly or vaseline can also be applied over the infection

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