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Isnin, 19 Ogos 2013

Things You Don't See Every Day.

Things You Don't See Every Day.

Waking up, going through our daily routine, there must be lots of things we don't get to see outside of our immediate comfort zone.
As they say, some things you just don't get to see every day.

These Flatirons in Colorado

The Leshan Giant Buddha

The surprise at Lake Huron

The ultimate spice rack

Five baby owls comforted by a stuffed toy

A 6,000 year old kiss

Flamingos in the Miami Metrozoo bathroom (before Hurricane Andrew).

What it looks like diving near Easter Island

Winter in Krakow ( Poland )

This perfect rainbow in Wilford Sound, New Zealand

This huge Malachite

The Bay of Kotor

When brushing your cat gives you a whole new cat

A Lynx couple walking along the highway

A Blazing Warehouse that Freezes, Chicago

Giant Galapagos Tortoises marching in formation

Space Shuttle Launch from above

The amazingly clear water of the Maldives

The world's youngest veterinarian

This most remarkable of sand sculptures

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