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Ahad, 16 Mei 2010

Alkisah pekerja yang asyik mintak cuti

An employees of an organization took 10 days Leave Without any notice.

When he returned his HR asked for explanation.
The employee said "Sir, my mom died unexpectedly" .

The HR let it go at That. After 3 months the same pattern repeated, and this time the said his Father died.

Then the HR got changed.

After 3 months the same pattern Repeated.
And the employee gave the explanation that his mom died.
After 3 months same thing again...
And this time his father died.

This Happened repeatedly for 2 years.
At the end, one HR checked his past Records and told him, "I have caught you red handed, How come in the Past 2 years, your mom has died 5 times, and your dad has died five Times?"


To which the guy said, "Sir, my mom died and my father remarried. Then my father died and my new mom remarried. Then my mom died and the new Father remarried. This has been going on and on and on and..."

Sumber: Forwarded Email


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