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Sabtu, 2 Januari 2010

Di sekolah jepun kecil2 dah ajar menjadi profesional.

City Kidzania Japanese Children 

Is a city for young people live their adult lives.

Theme park based on the idea of making children
Experimenting with 80 different function
In a practical and very close to reality.
Imagine all the work ..
Makes them feel different functions since
An early age in order to identify the profession of the Child
Ihuaha that in the future

At the offices of Aviation 

Training for the profession rapid rescue

And with the least possible casualties

Work in hotels and how to prepare 

Meals and cleaning tools

Training in the medical profession

The surgical operations

And training to perform surgeries on animals

Training to walk regularly in the

The event of a natural disaster

To provide news bulletin Kidzania live!!

Function as an investigative journalist boys walking in the city

And are doing interviews with people

Training Kmcefvat hair

And work hairdresser

Training for the profession manufacture of fashion

And work Kmodellat

The Supermodels

On the job training flight attendants

In terms of providing quality service

The method of rearing stock teaches children through

Process and not just in words

Sumber: Forwarded Email

No wonder warga Jepun pantas dalam teknologi~

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